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Originally Posted by jeff_wilson View Post
Another plot complication is fire, to destroy DNA and other trace evidence. This will probably have to be arson given TS tech and the motivation to prevent hotel fires and spacecraft fires, but it need not look like obvious arson. It can also be used to kill/attempt to kill/discourage investigators, especially amateur ones, and it's possible it can damage life support, threatening everyone. "We have half the oxygen reserve still available, slightly less than necessary." And don't forget to include the plaque by the internal lifts: "IN CASE OF FIRE, DO NOT USE ELEVATOR"
I was going to go with chemical and or cleaner swarm over fire. One part of the "kill" plot was using a small devourer swarm. One that could be put in a shotgun slug.

The detectives will likely have fire, gas, guns, knifes, clubs, and or fists to deal with. Maybe all of them. With the exception of two, all the other PCs will have a lethal means to take out the victum. And I won't be suprized if they try it on one another to protect their identities.
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