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Default Re: Help with a THS Mystery

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
I'm not sure if you're doing a "locked room" mystery as well as a cozy but I noticed something about the best locked room ones.

A locked room mystery can be defined as situation where it is believed no one could have committed the crime at the time and place it is believed to have occurred.

Everyone focusses on a way to "unlock" the "room" but in the good ones there is no secret way into the "room". Instead the mystery is never solved until the detectives realize the crime did not occur either when or where it was believed to.

There is the vulnerability that the twist can be spotted early and the whole thing short-circuits but when done right the result is very slick..
I hadn't planned to. I assumed that the SAI (or should it be a LAI) was going to be monitoring everything, so part of the plot will be to disable/corrupt/kill it first. Since the doors are also computer controlled, I wasn't thinking it would be much of a mystery. But maybe I should, since the planned kill will support it.

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
A way to do this in TS would be to "kill" (probably xox) the victim before he got on the elevator and then walk his shell onto the elevator with a puppet implant.

If not the solution this could be the major red herring. You would need to destroy the victim's brain (or the place where the implant was instead) before the body was discovered either way.
This part I got. I think I may even have a better twist on it.

But I'm not sure I should share yet ...
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