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Default Re: Help with a THS Mystery

Here is my first cut at Pre-Gen character concepts for the game:
1. Mr James Taggart; Metanoia Series Upgrade; age 36; US Citizen; Business Traveler, Occupation: Consultant Investigator, Ex-FBI Agent/Investigator. [He has no reason to kill the victim, and will have an alibi (he was on a Video conference with the Chinese authorities when the crime was committed.) He is to take the lead in the investigation.]
2. Inspector CHAN; SAI-8 running in the Hotel hardware; age 4; Chinese Citizen; An On Duty Chinese Investigator: assigned to this case. [He is loyal to the Chinese Government, so should have some secret Chinese government agendas.]
3. Ms Jane Marple; Tianyi Bioroid; age 12; Chinese/Martian Citizenship;Vacationer, Occupation: hired companion (Victim’s). [She appears to be a “pleasure” Bioroid, but is actually a Bodyguard/Minder (the Chinese Government assigned her to watch the victim (secret orders?). Inspector CHAN will know about her.]
4. Mr Sou Touma; Tennin Elf from Cornerstone Station Citizen; age 32; Islandian Citizenship; Business Traveler; Occupation: Electronics specialist (i.e., Wirerat/Hacker).
5. Mr Prodosh Chandra Mitra; Ghost uploaded into a Techspider shell; age 65/3; Indian Citizen; Business Traveler; Occupation: Computer Security Specialist (i.e., Hacker).
6. Effie Perine; Felicia Series, Linx model, Bioroid (a “Cat” Girl); age 16; Islandian Citizenship; Vacationer. Occupation: Farhauler Space Craft Pilot, Solar Express.
7. Magnum; K-10A Postcanine; age 4; EU (German) Citizen/”Owned by” EU Security Company Maniford Security; Business Traveler; Occupation: Security/Body Guard Trainer.
8. Mr James Rockford; Spartan Bioroid; age 16; Canadian Citizen/”Owned by” EU Security Company Maniford Security;, Business traveler; Occupation: Security/Body Guard Trainer.
9. Ms Cordelia Gray; Siduri Upgrade; age 29; Luna Citizen (Rabbit); vacationer, Occupation: Menemic Engineer.
10. SPENSER; SAI-7, hosted in a humanoid cybershell; age 5; Islandian Citizenship/Owned by Eco-Systems Corp.; Business Traveler; Occupation: Hazmat engineer.
11. Mr Mick Belker; Human*; age 132; Islandia Citizen; vacationer; Occupation: retired/Eloi (former businessman - exporter).
12. Ms Phryne Fisher, Eros Bioroid, age 18; Duncanite (Ceres) Citizen, Vacationer; Occupation: Courtesan.
13. Dr John Rebus; Ziusudra Parahuman; PRA (Australian), age 26; Business Traveler; Occupation: Nanotechnologist
14. Dr Endeavour Morse, Alpha Series Upgrade; age 46; EU (UK) Citizen; Business traveler; Occupation: Ghost Writer.

Anyone have suggestions, corrections, additions, etc?

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