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Default Help with a THS Mystery

Hi Folks,
I’m pulling together a THS Mystery for a 4-hour Convention Game, and would appreciate some help/advice.

The idea I have is for a Cozy Murder Mystery set in the penthouse suites of an “A-Class” Luxury Hotel on the Martian Deimos to New Shanghai Elevator, during it’s decent to Mars. Using an idea from Murder on the Orient Express, the “Victim” will be a much reviled criminal (I’m thinking a snakehead and bioroid trafficker who branched into xoxing and illegal genetic manipulations), and most of the passengers (including some or most of the PCs) will all have motive and means to kill the Victim.

The PC will all be Pre-Gens. Two PC who will not be potential murderers will be a human (upgrade) private investigator (a passenger) and a Chinese SAI police investigator (sent to help the human investigator solve the crime). Their will be a pool of 12-14 other Pre-Gen Characters/suspect-passengers for players to choose from.

The Chinese authorities want to “solve” the crime and punish someone for it rapidly, to maintain the meme of their authority and control. The Chinese authorities are sending the SAI police investigator (PC) with orders to solve the crime by the time the group arrives at New Shanghai, or accuse/convict the whole group and send them all to a labor prison – a likely long slow painful dead. The PCs have ~36 hours (the time till the elevator arrives at New Shanghai) to solve the murder and hand the murderer over to the police, or they all are going to be arrested, tortured to confess, tried, and convicted.

Anyone have thoughts, suggestions, or alternatives for improving the idea?
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