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Default Ogre Tools

Broad purpose: useful tools for creating units, designing scenarios, and actually playing the game.

Cobb Calculators
Henry Cobb has written two calculators for figuring out how many victory points units are worth and for calculating various other things.

You can find his Ogre Calculator here:, with explanation

You can find his GEV Formula Calculator here:

Another Calculator

Game Assistants
The official Ogre War Room is available for iOS and Android. Links and more information here:

SJGames maintains a list of PBEM tools for Ogre, primarily using Cyberboard:

Map Editor

Gamer Finder

Mark III and Mark V Line Art

There's a thread about ScreenshotGrid, too.

Ogre Cruise Missile Air Defense Calculator

Ogre Record Cards in Various Colors

Ogre Automation System (for those solo occasions)
Play Ogre? Want an interactive record sheet?

Want a random dungeon? How about some tables for that? How about a random encounter?

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