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Default Re: Rapid Fire Houserules

Originally Posted by Sindri View Post
The RAW is crazy.
This is a game, and when required, reality takes second place to playability.

The GM can make any 'common sense' rulings required to 'better' model any particular real world scenario.

A completely untested idea:
Instead of simply +1 hit for each Rcl step covered by margin of success, use the Linear Measurement on the Speed/Range table
Success = 1 hit
Success+1xRcl = 2 hits
Success+2xRcl = 3 hits
Success+3xRcl = 5 hits
Success+4xRcl = 7 hits
Success+5xRcl = 10 hits
etc, obviously to a Maximum of the number of shots fired

Or use some other scaling mechanism, perhaps the RoF To-Hit modifier steps?
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