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Default Rapid Fire Houserules

Hitting The Broad Side of a Slowly Moving Barn With Rapidly Firing Recoilless Weapons at Close Range

Rapid Fire is... problematic in many contexts especially with large ROFs, ultra-tech weapons and large targets. This thread isn't for discussing that. If you think the rapid fire rules are great then fine. Either don't post or just take the desire to modify them as a given.


1 How exactly do you shoot at different hit locations deliberately within one turn? For shooting at hit locations you can;
A Roll randomly which fails to let you choose the hit locations.
B Assume all hits strike a single hit location with a single penalty which fails to let you choose multiple hit locations and leads to far too many bullets hitting the eyes.
C Add all the penalties for each hit location which is way too penalizing and doesn't tell you which bullet hits where if you miss with some.
D Average the penalties for each hit location which still doesn't tell you which bullet hits where. Maybe you could give each bullet a weighted chance based on penalty to miss when one does.
E Use the ranged rapid strike rules which are too penalizing when used against one opponent when you are already capable of shooting that many times and just want to choose which location unlike the melee ranged attack rules which grant additional attacks.

In fact there is a general problem with penalties since the attack roll is being used for both determining whether shots hit where you want them to and how many shots hit which doesn't work if you aren't aiming at only one place.

2 The Rapid Fire vs. Close Stationary Targets is too granular jumping between none, half, and all the shots hitting.

3 The Rapid Fire vs. Close Stationary Targets requires stationary targets even when the size and distance would make people shooting at the entire target relatively easily able to hit it with all shots

4 The rules assume 1 yard wide firing cones and give structures HP and DR per 1-hex or 10-square-foot area that's fine if you remember to not give bonuses for SM but I'm not sure how deal with damage to a vehicle rather than a wall with this.

5 The accuracy per shot decreases over the amount of shot fired to where it's impossible to hit with a decent amount of the shots with a ROF 300 weapon without Rapid Fire vs. Close Stationary Targets.

Any house rules for rapid fire are welcome even if they don't address my problems.

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