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Default Re: The Skills that define a TL

To properly "uptech" someone, one efficient way might be History (Science & Technology), much as high school students learn about the history of atomic theory starting with the Greeks, going through the "plum-pudding model" and eventually arriving at quantum theory. But it's done in a broad-strokes way, so that someone would have a grasp of the concepts but wouldn't know much about all the equations and numerical values of atomic properties that putting a full point in the skill would entail.

And from a game mechanics perspective, using lots of Dabbler perks would give a broader grounding than points in skills.

And I disagree that the way to get someone from TL8 to TL12 is to teach them the same tech skill over and over at TLs 9-11, anymore than you'd teach someone how to develop photographic plates before showing them which button to push on their digital camera. (That's for tech skills, maths and science skills entail more of what's gone before.)
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