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Originally Posted by JLV View Post
You know, honestly I'm not sure how much help zot actually NEEDS on this at this point.

I'm guessing David and I could provide an intelligent review of what he's got, but I suspect anyone else on this site could essentially do the same thing. Our only real "advantage" in David and I doing such a thing is that we all have the same overarching goal in mind -- getting there is where the rubber meets the road, though.

So here's what I'll say/do: Zot, if you want me to take a look at things and offer input, I'd be happy to do so. When doing so, I will try to keep in mind that it's your idea and system, and that if I want to design my own, I should do so rather than trying to force you to design the system *I* want. Having said that, I will do more than just "blue pencil it." I will question you on your premises, ask for clearer explanations, suggest different wording, probably argue with you some, and generally do what I can to make your ideas as clear to me (and, presumably, others) as I can. But only if you actually WANT me to do all of that, okay?

Anyway, let me know.
Thanks JLV, that'd be great. I'll PM you and we can coordinate on getting you commenting privileges on the doc.
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