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Default Re: Alternatives to GURPS? Other tabletop RPGs to try?

It depends on what I want to do.

If the GM is good, I'll play almost anything. Right now I'm in a game of Vampire 5e; I don't care for the World of Darkness as generally presented, but this GM does it in a way I find appealing. I'm not really interested in dungeon-bashing, but one of the groups I'm in is currently playing The Keep on the Borderlands under Holmes Basic D&D rules and I'm enjoying it.

When it comes to running a game, the Thing I Always Say is that I need a reason not to use GURPS – but I'm quite happy to run something else if such a reason exists. Among those reasons are:
  • another game has specialised rules which do a better job for its particular setting (e.g. Pendragon)
  • the players don't want the faff of generating GURPS characters, there aren't any templates available, and for whatever reason I don't want to hand out pre-gens
  • the players are more familiar with another system (Call of Cthulhu)
  • we don't need the level of consistency and fidelity that GURPS provides as long as things come out more or less right (Forgotten Futures)
  • nostalgia (Cyberpunk 2020, which I want to run at least once this year)

Recently I've been casting about for a generic system that can handle investigative and action games from about the 1890s to the mid future reasonably cleanly, and one I'm trying out at the moment is Genesys (the genericised version of the FFG Star Wars games). I don't usually get on with systems that ask me to step back from in-character stance and think "what would be an appropriate negative consequence of that failure", but for some reason Genesys clicks with me: yeah, you failed at that task but other good stuff happened, or you passed but with complications, now what are you going to do? At least with the low complexity levels of starting characters, it's a fast-moving and not too fiddly system that still lets you distinguish characters from each other.
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