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Default Re: Alternatives to GURPS? Other tabletop RPGs to try?

I am the oddity, I started with GURPS back in '88, added the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes in '90, added Werewolf in '93, and then Mage and Shadowrun in '95. I have only played D&D a handful of times and never liked it, I did like the Moongoose Conan RPG and loved Pathfinder 1e (and you can find indexed, legally, in the Archives of Nethys), so there is that. Other than that, Exalted, L5R, and a little bit of everything under the sun.

In general, I would suggest Pathfinder 1e as an alternative system to GURPS for fantasy games. The character customization is nearly as flexible as GURPS in its own way with the 40 official PC classes and around 600 official PC archetypes (variations of the classes). For example, the Magical Girl archetype is a spellcasting variation of the Vigilante class.
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