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Default Re: Standardizing the tags nomenclature for the GURPS subforum . . .

Originally Posted by redmattis View Post
in the case of an only mildly questionable use of an established tag a temporary ban could be argued though, especially if the subject was an otherwise productively contributing poster.
In a repeat case a permaban is unavoidable though.
yes, it's a joke
maybe these clarifications of the rules should be included in the initial post so new posters won't miss it? ...still joking
Are you aware that fnorded text is converted to plain in the e-mail version?

While I approve of harsh sentences for uninformative subject lines, the "need" for tagging could be greatly reduced by giving GURPS a 2nd level forum section to itself, with pre-tagged 3rd level subsections. It's silly to cram 21K threads and 360K posts into the same index, when you have a dozen or so other forums with 2-and 3-digit totals.
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