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Default The Unofficial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Okay, I got bored and decided to play around with some old vehicle designs. Once I got started, I figured why not post them here.

Crane Industries War Horse
War Horse: Mid-Size, X-Hvy. Chassis, Large PP, Hvy. Suspension, 4 PR tires, Driver, Bumper Triggered ATG (F) w/HEAT ammo, Extra Magazine (HEAT Ammo), Bumper Triggered MG w/HD Ammo (B), linked to SD w/Exp. Ammo (B), No Paint Windshield, Hi-Res Computer, 2 FC dischargers: 1 (U), 1 (B), FP Plastic Armor: F40, R30, L30, B 30, T2, U3. Two 10-point FP Wheelguards (B), Two 10-pt. FP Wheel Hubs (F). Acceleration 5, Top Speed 97.5 MPH, HC 3, 5,755lbs, $22,584.

New for 2056
Apex Motors proudly presents the first in its new line of luxury recreational vehicles, the Ramrod. Tired of the same old thing in luxury vehicles? Does your current off road vehicle lack the accessories or features you desire? Then head down to the nearest Apex authorized dealer, for a test drive of the new Ramrod. The Ramrod combines the best in modern safety features with proven electronic systems, and weapons technology, for the ultimate off-road driving experience.

An active suspension combines with HD Shocks for a ride so smooth you would swear you're floating on air. A varied weapons array, combined with a first class electronics suite, provide both accurate and devastating firepower. It's 203 points of LRFP Armor, and 10 points of FP component armor provide you with all the protection you'll need to survive. And lastly, a Pro-Guard anti-theft system, with its AP flechette grenades, keeps those pesky hoodlums away.

Ramrod: Camper, CA Frame, X-Hvy. Chassis, Super PP, HDHTM, OR Suspension, 6 OR Solid Tires, Driver, LMG w/HD Ammo (F), turreted GG w/ extra magazine, Bumper triggered MML w/Incendiary ammo (B), FCE (B), Active Suspension, HD Shocks, HD ABS, Tinted No Paint Windshield, Long Distance Radio, Hi-Res Computer, IR Sighting System, Radar, Radar Detector, 10pts FP CA (Driver), Link (MML/FCE), Anti-theft System, 5 Flechette dischargers: 1 (F), 1 (R), 1(L), 1 (B), 1 (T), LRFP Armor: F 40, R 38, L 38, B 338, T 39, U 10. 4-10 point LRFP wheel guards, 4-10pt FP plastic wheel hubs. Acceleration 5, Top Speed 97.5 MPH, HC 3, 7,792.2bs, $106, 675

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