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Originally Posted by Gold & Appel Inc View Post
Meta Comment: These guys are so screwed, before the PCs even get there. They went into super prison with (I presume) the skill sets of a modern criminal in most cases, and get dumped out without equipment into a post apocalypse whose survivors are organized enough to make it through plague, war, and start farming communities. These are the toughest, most stubborn, most outdoorsy, and best-armed people pre-apoc New Hampshire had, and pre-apoc New Hampshire is a sparsely-populated hive of Libertarians. I cannot imagine a scenario in which a small bunch of strangers who seem odd, possibly look odd, and demonstrate odd abilities of uncertain scope and potency would not be met with a lynch mob, let alone one that shows up in uniforms and starts trying to throw its weight around.
Well, the setting is about 200 years after the world "ended" so most of the survivalist type enclaves would have used up their ammo stocks during the first decades after the collapse.

I'm picturing small villages with a couple of guns with a few rounds of reloaded ammo for emergencies.

Also, the Kingpin guy is 500+ points of social manipulation skills. I was thinking he would engratiate himself to a local "mayor" and start building a power base to try and take over the whole kingdom. His group of thugs, that I am asking for help making, are sort of wildcards in teh story. They may have their own ideas about what to do here with the "primitive" folks.

And the locals will be completely caught off guard by any super powers. Even if they have their guns ready, I suspect that fireball hucking and turning to stone will cause them to crap themselves and flee.
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