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Originally Posted by Helborn View Post
My point is that, in the past, we could talk about 32 point characters, 38 point characters, 40 point characters and have a rough equivalence so that in comparing adventures (Orbquest - for 4 38 point characters) the characters would have a consistent capability - for or against. However, that equivalence is gone. You cannot simply have adventures for 38 point characters, you also need to compare relative Experience levels, or you're going to have a Wizard (ST=8, DX=13, IQ=17) with 12 spells going up against a Wizard (ST=8, DX=13, IQ=17) with 22 spells and a fully double charged Manastaff because he's had an additional five years and an additional 10,000 XP.

Adventures become either too hard or too easy without a new way to compare characters.
I agree with this to some extent. This was slightly fuzzy to me with the old rules as well though. The new rules do amplify the fuzziness. I'm thinking of adding a PCs total skill points to their total stat points and rating adventures by this. So, "an adventure for 40-46 point characters" would be suitable for starting characters. Here are some characters that fall in that range:
ST12 DX12 IQ8 + 8 points of talents/spells (starting character)
ST8 DX12 IQ12 + 12 points of talents/spells (starting character)
ST14 DX12 IQ10 + 10 points of talents/spells (non-starting character; see first example for starting stats. then they increased atts 4 times and picked-up 2 points of skills)

That's all I've got at the moment. Maybe there's a better way.
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