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Default Re: List of all promo cards

Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
Are they promos, or did they come as part of one of the W23 packs, or in the vending machines at Cons? If they are promos, then by all means list them, and somebody will update the list at the start of the thread. That list is the most up to date one we have, so far as I know.
Mr.Ed is correct. As a community, we actively try to keep this list up to date. It's the first place I go after I hear about a new card. Odds are, the cards that you have referenced are not "promo" cards, but are "merchandise" cards that you can buy (either from the coin machine at cons, or cards that came with pawns or other purchasable merchandise, or part of a Warehouse 23 set that is able to be purchased). There is another post on the forums for those cards (and one for bookmarks, and one for dice).
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