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Default Re: High Amounts of non penetrating damage. Bullets VS Plate Carriers

Originally Posted by mushroom911 View Post
So, mostly playing westerns, medieval fantasy and some ww2, there haven't really been many cases of someone absorbing a 20pt blow with his dr.

What would happen if someone absorbs 28-30 points of damage with his plate carrier? I imagine that would hurt a lot, all footage I've seen where someone shoots a plate carrier with something like 7.62 API it looks like you would break a rib or two. Especially for ceramic inserts. I imagined something like 1dmg/5 dmg stopped sorta like flexible armor vs maces.

I was pretty sure I had seen some mention of this in one of the books but I can't seem to find it, the only thing I can find is the flexible armor rule.

What I'm trying to say is: Is there any rule that dictates if and how much damage you take from stopping a bullet dealing around 30 dmg with your dr 30-35 body armor?
Two rules in combo, actually.

First from p. B286, Combining and Layering Armor: "... but you can only layer armor if the inner layer is both flexible and concealable. Add the DR of both layers."

Second from B379, Flexible Armor and Blunt Trauma: "If you layer other DR over flexible DR, only damage that penetrates the outer layer can inflict blunt trauma."

Neither the Frag Vest or the Tactical Vest from p. B284 are concealable, but I would argue that either should count as layered with their plates for purposes of applying DR. The only limitation is that you can't conceal the fact that you're wearing layered armor (which otherwise doesn't seem to be defined in the Basic Set).

While it's true that the individual plates are rigid, it's also true that they fit into pockets/pouches and there are gaps in coverage between them, so overall any individual plate still has some give relative to the vest as a whole, so it should still count as being somewhat flexible armor.

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