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Default Re: [3rd edition] Power stones.

Originally Posted by Themoopanator View Post
Say my powerstone is... 10 carat. (Meaning the max it could be is 10ST) would I have to cast 'Powerstone' 10 times on that stone to give it its full capacity?
Yes, if you're making it yourself.
So that every time I cast Powerstone it adds 1 ST to the capacity of the stone ?
Yes. You only have to do this to make the Powerstone, not to recharge it.
if I was doing it over 10 days and did 1 quick and dirty casting every day (even though that just wouldn't be possible) and on the 4th and 5th day I failed both I couldn't get it above 3 ?
Yes. The important point is that you failed on two successive attempts. That's fairly unusual, and it blocks further attempts to increase the power of the stone. Usually, Powerstones stop being enchanted because they've reached maximum capacity (ST = weight in carats), or because they have enough quirks that risking adding more seems like a bad idea.
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