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Default Re: [MH] Replace RPM with Sorcery (Pyramid 3-63)

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Frankly, in my experience, the adept rarely outshines anyone when it comes to "uberbuffs." The fact that "stacking spells" rules are limited by target means that the sensible thing to do is to spread buffs among the entire party ahead of time, and then "hang" (or "charm") a selection of useful general spells. So the whole party comes off as awesome -- thanks to the adept, sure, but that's the kind of spotlight no one minds sharing. :)
No so much worried about "uberbuffing"; you nailed that one square. More concerned about the adept's high flexibility potentially leading to "I can do that too!" whenever a problem needs solving. Hence the invocation of the social contract.

On the up side, a well-played adept can cover for character types not represented in the PC group.
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