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Default Re: [Spaceships] Technical solution for GMing mecha games based on SS4 rules

Originally Posted by jacobmuller View Post
And you can add the effects of smoke - takes you into melee range!
I wouldn't bet on it. Smoke is penetrated by some scanners (notably aero-SONAR, which just doesn't care about EM jamming). Also, makes artillery the end-all-be-all of anti-mech warfare if there isn't a workaround against area attacks. (Which there probably should be in a cinematic game.)

Originally Posted by jacobmuller View Post
Oh and on the subject of scaling up battlesuits - if you add the old material quality to spaceships armour, eg cheap-standard-expensive-advanced, you can get the values to match the scaled up battlesuits.
Cheap is half price and dDR as -1SM
Expensive is dDr and cost as for +1SM
Advanced = +2SM
We definitely need material quality modification for G:SS. Otherwise they kinda fail in the face of both the modern HMMWVs and the vehicles found in UT.
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