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Default ISW Sensors

Detection Procedure

For each sensing ship and potential target, roll against the sensor operatorís Electronics Operation (Sensors) skill, adding appropriate modifiers found in Sensor Modifiers later in this chapter (p. 227).

Would it not make more sense, to make a single roll, measure the degree of success, and then treat each object or ship as a potential 'hit' similar to automatic fire? Pick a divisor (1 for example), and for each 'hit' (degree of success / divisor), you detect the next (easiest to detect*) object. If you detected an object the previous round, you may choose to ignore it for the purpose of locating additional objects (your ship's tracking software will keep tabs on it) on the current round.

* to determine a ship's 'visibility signature' add it's SM to any modifiers for stealth (which seems to be missing from the list of sensor modifiers) and sensor status (treat things like asteroids and other inactive matter as 'passive sensors'). Previously undetected objects with the highest visibility signature are detected first. This means that attacks that disrupt a ship's systems (such as EMP pulses), if they scramble the ship's tracking software, will force a ship to start all over with the most easily detected objects. Small vessels may use this time to 'get away'.
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