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Default Re: [IW] Imagining Lucifer-3

Originally Posted by thrash View Post
The Earth of timeline Lucifer-3 (B528, IW134) was sterilized by a supernova or gamma ray burster (GRB) in 1979. As of 2004, it was being "systematically" looted by Homeline. This description seems to imply that survivors (if any) are not significant in numbers or organization. I'm curious as to what might have transpired between the first indication of trouble and the final collapse of the ecosystem (and civilization along with it).
The use of the word 'sterilized' implies that the world was scoured clean of most life, and almost certainly all human life, at least by the local year 2004. If not, I'd expect some mention of rescue operations, rather than just looting of resources. With the presence of ruins after a fairly short time (on the civilization scale), there's reason to suspect that some survivors squabbled a bit (causing more disarray than nature would on its own) before dying off.
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