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Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
Someone handed me the Superiors series years back and it was those books that hooked me good. Heavy on prose and politics, light on mechanics, and some real revelations compared to the brief descriptions in the Core book.

EPG disappointed me, but then I'm basically a pagan.
Yeah me too. Deep down, I just want to find ways (canon or not) that the pagan gods can make a comeback and kick some angel keester and ultimately expose "God" as a jacked up tribal god and bring him down. Even have ways that could happen. But then again, the guys you want to see eventually win and who you consider the good guys should seem the underdogs in the story.

I liked the EPG in the sense that it had some great stuff on how a god might start as a concept (ie. Thor might have started as a conceptual affinity for Weather: Thunder or whatever words the EPG used to describe it). But for what I really wanted it for, it was lacking as it only covered the gods here and there.
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