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Default Munchkin: Rick and Morty Expansion? (idea about portals)

Hello! so I didn't know where to post this, because this isn't ''official'' and it's just me brainstorming here.

so I just bought the Rick and Morty version of munchkin (super excited to play it) and I sat down with one of my best friends when I thought to myself: the most recent cards in that core set are from S3, and now when S5 is over, it would be fun/cool to have new cards.

and I started to think about what the cards could be, and then it hit me: portals! portals have a HUUGE part in the R&M universe! and there's a lot of different areas that could be used like different planets (the purge planet for example) and then different universes(like the butt universe, the old grannies universe, and maybe the Jerry daycare)

I have millions of ideas about what could be used, but I don't really know what the card itself would do. because I'm not a game designer haha

anyway: that's just an idea I'm gonna throw out there to the world

thanks for reading!

TheSwedishDoc- I mean TheSwedishMunchkin
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