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Default Comments on Ogrezine

First off, Well Done. The articles are interesting and the little taste of history never hurts; one always needs to know from where one came. I'll be digging more deeply into the zine but wanted to fire this off before I forget to to do(I'm old what do you expect?)

A notes to the publisher;

1) I would like to know a little about the authors of the articles. Some authors yes they are well know but the new faces deserve a few sentences for fame.

And a question: regarding the article on the QTRUCK(definitely being added to the arsenal), it is mentioned that a QHOVER wasn't feasible. But Drew don't we have MSLGEV in the Barbarians? That was rhetorical because I'm looking at one as I write. Just an observance.

Overall gentlemen a very nice start and here's wishing a continuance to the continuity both canon and alt history.
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