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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

I was in an 'evil' campaign and we had just entered the throne room of the BBEG. This was a large room with a pillar of rock surrounded by a chasm of fire and a single narrow bridge leading to the throne.

I was at the head of the party (1E AD&D, LN 10/10 F/A) and when I saw the situation I knelt and in a loud voice said, "My liege! I have brought you this gift!"

The other players all looked at me and their jaws dropped. The BBEG then motioned me to rise and invited me to stand by his side, which I did. This allowed me to cross the bridge without incident.

The BBEG then gave his dramatic speech of how he was going to end the PCs lives in gruesome ways at which point the BBEG stood and took a step forward, whereupon I backstabbed him for outrageous damage.

I had a heck of a time getting the other players to believe that I wasn't one of his minions after that. But what did I care, I was going to end all their lives eventually anyway and collect the assorted bounties.
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