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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Silver Bullet by Swordtart:
Mid-Sized; Streamlining; Extra Heavy chassis; Heavy suspension; Sport PP w/PCs, SCs, HDHTMs, Overdrive;
4 PR Radial tires, HD Shocks, HD Brakes, ABS;.
Driver with 10 pts plastic CA;
Vehicular Shotgun and 10 shots (R);
40 pts. Sloped LR Metal and 110 pts. Sloped Plastic (F: 8/25 R: 8/20 L: 8/20 B: 8/25 T: 8/10 U: 0/10);
2x1 pt. LR Metal Hubs F, 2x1 pt. LR Metal Guards B; Cargo 50lb, 1 spaces
Cost: $23,882, Wgt: 5,760lb (inc. Cargo),
HC: 4, Top Speed: 147.5 (97.5, 167.5), Accel: 10 (20, 5).

One of the fastest vehicles on the road, the Silver Bullet was initially designed as a light combat racer. The unusual choice of Vehicular Shotgun presumes a rear attack. About as easy to aim as a hosepipe it's low damage is offset by the speed a closing target would need to achieve. At race speeds even a minor hit can cause terminal control loss.

The highly polished metal outer armour explains the name and unusually for a design of this type the protection is credible (other than the vulnerable under body). It has extended resilience against the usual weapons mounted by vehicles able to keep pace with it, but it's real protection is its speed.

The design has a small surplus capacity, ideal for a light courier cargo. There has been some speculation whether some secret advantage was removed from the race variant prior to general release as the expectation would be that every ounce of capacity would have been utilised. In reality the capacity was simple to accommodate the forward and rear facing cameras mandated by the network.

In more conventional road use the VS is often stripped out and replaced or at least moved. Alternate load outs witnessed have been Gas Streamers (as these are even easier to aim), defensive gas weapons or even passenger capacity.

Other than the VS, this doesn't seem a bad choice for a fast courier on patrolled roads. Clearly anyone going that fast on un-patrolled roads would need some pretty keen vision to avoid getting into trouble quicker than they could get out of it. Dropped weapons or just debris could badly mess up your day. At least the HD shocks mean you need a hefty shove to start to erode your frankly exceptional HC.
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