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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

Wow -- just unearthed this blast-from-the-past: A unpublished design from the "ASP-Nebraska War". Since ASP was a straight rip of COBRA, we tried to see how many actual GI JOE designs could be built using _CW_ rules; I managed to cram this together.

ASP _Rattler_

Lg. Airplane; St. PP w/ PC, SC [16,100 PF] ; 3x OR Std. tire; 3x A-P Prop w/ DC [1 ea. Wing F; 1 Body B] [26,450 PF]; Pi., Gn. Ls (Pulse) [F]; 2-sp. Univ. Tu. [T]; 2x LL (L) [Tu.]; 4x SAM (L) [F]; Ret. Land. Gear; 2x Tilt-Rotor [W Props only]; IR/Thermograph; 2x 3-sp. REWP [1 ea. W]; 6x CB15 (2x L: 1 ea. 3) [W REWPs]; 2x 4-sp. REWP [U]; 4x AAM (2x L: 1 ea. 2) [F REWPs]; 2x Ej. Safety Seat; IR Laser Rangefinder [Ls]; Lite Amp.; Tel. Optics; Mil. Acft. Radio; Radar w/ Radar Alt.; OR Susp. Armor: F: 225 pts. LRP [F, T, U: 40; L, R, B: 35]]; Wings: 2x 10-pt. LRP; Pr.: 3x 4-pt. P. $212,155; 16,000 lbs.
Acc.|TS (rg., tilt): 15|347.5, 5|150; SS: 100; HC: 1

(I know OR Susp. isn't supposed to be allowed on units this heavy, nor are Tilt-Rotors supposed to travel faster than 50 MPH; but this is yet another of the things the author of the rules got wrong, despite being told otherwise. Also: Since a 3-prop plane with one prop lost performs normally, I assume in tilt-rotor mode, the B-facing prop is shut down.)
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