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Default Re: The Unoffial 2056 Vehicle Guide

The "Ambuscade" in para 25 of Brothers in Arms (ADQ 6-3) had 3 WGMs in a 3 space turret, each with 3 space rocket magazines, so a similar if more expensive set up.

It just sat parked up in the middle of a crossroads with each lane in all directions seeded with radio mines to create a belligerent road block. At $47,200 and with only 20 points armour on a side (and only 15 on the turret) it seemed a rather inefficient design.

It was also immobilised as it was surrounded by water filled 55 gal containers (to protect against rams I suppose). I believe the idea was that you sat there like a pillbox and engaged the enemy at extreme range and just kept plugging away before they got close enough to hit you (but as your opponent was a rig, that may not have panned out as expected).

I think I swapped it out for a van trailer instead and piled on tons of armour. Since the van couldn't move there seemed little point in wasting valuable weight capacity with a plant and driver, you might as well tow it there and leave it. The armour was probably a better weight per point than the van as well.
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