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Default Re: Traditional Mapping with Megahexes

Originally Posted by JLV View Post
Pretty nifty!

I'll go ahead and post this link again, if anyone is interested in seeing the "Squarehex" concept again...
MegaHexes are a central part of the 'feel' of TFT to me, but they are used for so little in actual play.

I did a quick Campaign Cartographer comparison of a small room with MegaHexes and one with SquareHexes just to see what visible impact it had.

I don't know where my door between the room and corridor went.... but since these were demos, I didn't care to investigate.

While non-traditional, the Square Megahexes seem to work pretty well and are almost un-noticeably different.

One thing I've been playing with is buying HeroicMaps maps from DriveThru, loading them into Campaign Cartographer, and laying a MegaHex grid over them. I haven't tried printing them out because, well, I don't have a campaign going yet, but I may have to set up a SquareHex template for them to see how that looks.
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