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Originally Posted by WaterAndWindSpirit View Post
Do attack dogs (that is, dogs bred and trained for combat by a military force) triggers that instinctive reaction too?
I don't think the military would have much need for dogs for combat. The one time I remember it being done was the Russian canine kamikazes and that was a flop. Now as tracking animals, bomb techs, or base security that is a different matter.

But yes even attack dogs can trigger affection. It is a running gag in both Magnum's how Zeus and Apollo like everyone but Magnum (despite their affable nature they can be quite good security dogs at times but this is TV).

VC counter-recon forces used to use dogs. American scouts had various disguises or distractions to keep their noses occupied and it was an interesting contest in wits. As a lot of PCs will be Americans, naturally they will find that an interesting role.
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