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Default Re: Phylacteries and Dissolve Enchantment?

Originally Posted by Christopher R. Rice View Post
Assuming you've downed the lich, that works as intended. I mean, I'm all for having super phylacteries where it stops double normal hits and/or has extra ST equal to the mana that was in it. Or perhaps having it so that it *heals* 1 hit per second. Or even all three. The point of a lich is to make it tough to kill and it should feel like an accomplishment to do so.
I guess I'm not seeing how this version of phylactery makes the lich hard to take down? I mean, doesn't this version require they wear it on their person and if so... kill the monster, cast 'smash' from your broadsword, profit. It doesn't feel particularly difficult.

If they could hide it, then its a problem.
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