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Default Re: Phylacteries and Dissolve Enchantment?

Originally Posted by zot View Post
Perhaps becoming a lich requires at least one greater wish. In that case, a greater wish might possibly counteract the transformation, unless the transformation "completed" and not "maintained" by the wish. Perhaps it would require both Dissolve Enchantment and a greater wish to "unravel" a lich's phylactery.
On page 2 of the Tomb of the Wizard-King it says:
All liches have a phylactery – an amulet, ring, crown, or similar valuable – that keeps their spirit anchored to their physical form. It must be kept on the lich’s person at all times. If it is lost, the lich cannot heal or regain lost ST in any way. If the phylactery is destroyed, the lich will crumble to dust.
Destruction of a phylactery is not easy. Phylacteries are protected by the same magic that sustains the lich. No matter the material of which they are made, they have a minimum ST of 20 and are protected from the first 4 hits of damage inflicted, as if they were magically armored. A Dissolve Enchantment spell will remove the protection from a phylactery and make it as vulnerable as any ordinary object, but this spell requires a lot of ST and high-level wizardry.
I don't see the need for a greater wish. Once the armor enchantment is removed with the dissolve enchantment spell, the phylactery can be destroyed like "any normal object."

It may be that the spell needs 100 ST instead of 50. I don't know, which is why I asked.

Chris Rice is the author. Maybe I need to ask him directly.
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