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Default Re: Phylacteries and Dissolve Enchantment?

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In the Tomb of the Wizard-King liches are described in detail. One of the keys to killing a Lich is to destroy its phylactery. It is easier to destroy the phylactery if you can remove the 'magical armor' that protects it from the 4 hits of damage inflicted.

The Dissolve Enchantment spell is suggested. In the spell description (ITL p 31) it says that the spell cost is 100 ST for a greater magic item and 50 ST for a lesser magic item. So here is the question:

What type of magic item would the phylactery be considered?

Asking for a friend...
Liches are very serious business. A lich's phylactery would definitely be a greater magic item but possibly even more powerful than that, if that is possible.

Here are a few thoughts...

Perhaps becoming a lich requires at least one greater wish. In that case, a greater wish might possibly counteract the transformation, unless the transformation "completed" and not "maintained" by the wish. Perhaps it would require both Dissolve Enchantment and a greater wish to "unravel" a lich's phylactery.
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