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Default Re: Pros and cons of dungeons for hack and slash roleplaying

It largely depends upon the game.

If I"m throwing a hack-and-slash bit in an otherwise realistic game, I usually go more wilderness-based. Or I come up with a bit of dungeon-centric plot and let the dungeon kinda build itself from that.

On the other hand, if I'm playing a hack-and-slash campaign from the get-go... Sometimes it's nice to embrace the ridiculousness of the genre. Dragons and wizards are color-coded for your convenience. Diverse monsters are in dungeons with no food or bathrooms. Money is found in economically improbable amounts. The goblins don't use the magic weapons in the poorly locked treasure chest. Hang a lampshade on it and make fun of it both in-game and out. It can be a fun romp if everybody is in on the fun.
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