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Default Re: June 27, 2019: Kickstarter Reports, June Update

Originally Posted by Daily Illuminator
One of the things we're learning as we expand our crowdfunding efforts is that our ability to create and track projects exceeds the limitations and restrictions of the tools we've been using. For that reason, we're exploring other crowdfunding and direct-to-you options for funding some of the projects that we have in the works. We've made no decision on what tool best complements our Kickstarter presence; we continue to look at our options and we'll very likely experiment with a few different ideas before finding a Kickstarter companion that works best for us.
I've thought about this too, for many reasons. Some considerable delays in my own projects due to the built-in "oh, and we'll keep your money for 2.5 weeks" in Kickstarter, for example.

If you have a built-in audience, running your own crowdfunding platform may well be an option. Might require coding-savvy to get it done. I'm still looking.
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