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Default Re: [Spaceships] Nanocomposite and structural materials

"Manocomposite" is kind of a catch all term in GURPS for different types of material that's the next step up from modern and next gen metal-matrix composites.

The main types covered are titanium nanocomposite, polymer nanocomposite, advanced polymer nanocomposite , ceramic nanocomposite (not sure if this would make a great building material since it's pretty brittle), and advanced nano-laminate.

Density is pretty easy to figure for these material.

Titanium Nanocomposite: 4g/cc.
Polymar Nanocomposite: 1.5g/cc.
Advanced Polymer Nanocompsite: 1.6g/cc.
Ceramic Nanocomposite: 3.19g/cc.
Advanced Nano Laminate: 1.27g/cc.

Tensile strength on the other hand... isn't as so clear cut since GURPS doesn't really go into this aspect of armor materials in detail and it doesn't help that outside of some very early experimental examples, a lot of these materials are currently hypothetical. However there is at lest some correlation between it and how good a material is at stopping bullets I can guessitmate titanium nanocomposite as having a tensile strength of at lest around 1,400 mega parcels, give or take (though given that there would probably be a ton of different types for different jobs this number is bound to differ a bit for structural material vs armor ones). The other examples are bit trickier to figure out thought IMHO titanium nanocompsite is probably the best example.

One ton (metric) of titanium nanocompsite costs (at TL10) $132,277.20.

One square meter of it one centimeter thick weighs 10.2kg and has a DR of 69.

Hope this was at lest some help.
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