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Default Re: Cars Wars 6E - What We Know - 1st Post will be updated over time

Just getting back from a business trip and catching up.

Rather that SJG get things ironed out and make the game great than to give us something less than what it could be.

My only opinion is that a hard 60min is not necessary. If you can get something between 60min and 90min that would be fine.

I play Battletech Alpha Strike and that game can vary in play time but still much less than the classic battletech

People want 60-90min games because everyone is too busy to play longer games. However, the 60-90min time is the sweet spot.

Forcing something into 60min and throwing away detail does not make sense to me. But if you can tweak things with scoring cards/tables, or counters or whatever needs to be done to speed up, that is great.
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