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Default Re: Cars Wars 6E - What We Know - 1st Post will be updated over time

Maybe, maybe not. My comment about just doubling damage values was flippant, but sometimes it really is something that simple.

You know what's funny? I do not work with SJ Games, but I can tell you exactly what they're doing, because I can read minds. They're poring over every aspect of the rules, checking their playtest notes, and making a list of anything that could explain the slower-than-desired play. Next - I can predict the future, too! - they will change one aspect at a time and run a whole bunch of playtest games. Then they'll do the same for the next point, and the next, and the one after those. Once they've got their raw data, and hopefully found places to speed up the game, they'll examine the consequences of those changes, and cross their fingers that they found all of the weird edge cases that could give a player an unfair advantage.

Then they'll playtest a bunch more times.

And then they'll invite the retailers and distributors back in for another round of outside playtesting.

And then, if the people who will be first purchasing the game still like it, then SJ Games can start manufacturing the final components. Somewhere between the first clause of the previous sentence and the second, SJ Games will run a Kickstarter campaign to judge direct fan interest (and allow for preorders, and build word-of-mouth).

Modern game design is so much more than just hammering out 75,000 words of bad Tolkien fanfic and getting a buddy to paint up a woman in not enough chainmail for the cover. And trust me, because I know, not going through the proper steps can kill your product - and even your company - dead.
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