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Default Re: GURPS Forum Abbreviations: help the newbies?

Originally Posted by Molokh
GURPS Attributes, Sub-Attributes and Attribute Elements
DX == Dexterity
DX! == DX increase by 1 combined with a .25 decrease of Basic Speed.
FP == Fatigue Points (i.e. endurance)
HP == Hit Points
HT == Health
HT! == HT increase + FP decrease + BS decrease.
IQ == Intelligence (not just real-world IQ, but also experience, wisdom etc.)
IQ! == A level of IQ combined with one negative level of both Per and Will.
Per == Perception.
ST == Strength
ST! == (rare) ST increase + HP decrease
Will == Willpower
Personally I would list these in a different way. As the way they stand now can be a bit confusing: "DX Increased by 1 combining with a 0.25 decrease of Basic speed" ? Huh?! That made me confusing and I was even the one suggesting the abrevation.
Why not just DX! = DX - 0,25 Basic speed. ? (this way you avoid the very confusing "Increase with a decrease").
Also I don't think there is any need for the nomal ST, FP, Will and so on, as those are already obvious in the book. The ! attributes are not.
...Again too many needless abrivations will just drown out the ones there are a need for.
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