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Default Re: TFT Errata for Hexagram #3

"99-100. Rats may stack at two per hex; they must still be attacked individually."

IIRC, Rats can only attack targets in their own hex. Therefore leather armor is complete protection against Rats as the pair of rats on a single character can't roll double or triple damage on one die. Therefore the comment on ITL 100: "If you are wearing leather, which takes 2 hits, then the first two rat bites each turn don’t count, but the rest do. A rat must be on the figure’s hex to attack." makes no sense as there will only be two rat bites to roll each turn.

My suggestion is:
  • Limit of four (to at most six) vermin per hex.
  • Limit of two slimes per hex (counting as multiple vermin each).
  • Vermin and slimes do not engage and are not engaged by other creatures.
  • When a vermin or slime moves into a standing figure's hex that figure may roll 3/DX to hop to an adjacent empty hex and evade for a turn.
  • Risk of the evasion roll is a roll of 17/18 (12 for acrobatics) chance of falling down in their own hex and losing next action.
  • Once vermin/slimes are in the hex they cling to the victim and follow them around into fires and such.
  • Slimes are medium sized and crawling, hence +4 to hit.
  • Crawling vermin are crawling(+4 to hit), but also tiny and evasive(-4 to hit), which cancels out.
  • Flying vermin are not crawling but are evasive (-4 to hit with non-ranged attacks).


ITL 41 Two Weapons "parry with both weapons, adding an extra die to attempts to hit you and stopping 4 points of damage from any successful attack, but not threatening the enemy"

The extra die here is from taking the defend option, not an extra die over the defend option?

If the later then...

Goblin Wizard ST 6, DX 11, IQ 15
Silver Dagger Staff(1d-1/1d), Silver Dagger(1d-1)
Staff IV, Knife, Two Weapons, etc.

To double parry and occult blast zap in her traditional three-handed style.

And MA adjustments are missing from ITL 132 "Armor for Riding Beasts". If chainmail barding reduces a warhorse to MA 6 then you will never get the 8-hex move needed for "The Cavalry Lance" at ITL 131.

Rate of fire for these firearms is actually closest to the Wheellock, which can be used for one-shot traps also.

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