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Originally Posted by RyanW View Post
Could it really survive a serious swing, or would it be more of a tip slash?
Probably not, these things are less than an inch wide and a quarter inch thick. And they're made of 13% chromium stainless steel, which isn't a horrible material (honestly even pretty bad modern steels are as good or better than all but the very highest end historical weapons were made of), but isn't especially good either.

For official statistics, the light edged rapier does get that sw-1 cut, but it's also 2.25 lbs, more than twice as heavy.

Edit: It rather depends on what you are asking though. There are some reputable looking places that will sell you something that probably qualifies as an actual sword rather than a piece of jewelry that they claim meets the regulations standards for dress uniforms. So no, your issue cadet sword isn't a real weapon, and probably should use the statistics for cheap dress smallsword, possibly with a damage penalty because it isn't necessarily even sharpened properly, but if you are willing to pay twice as much for it and live with an extra pound of encumbrance and a little bit more maintenance, you probably can have a good quality edged light rapier that will pass inspection.
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