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Default Re: Backstab Technique: DFish games and reality...

In AD&D 1.0 you could only Backstab with a club, a dagger or a sword. Sword included short sword, broad sword or longsword. The Thief could also use darts and slings, but wasn't allowed to Backstab with them. The way the Thief entry reads is like these weapons are very special, but it's really only the melee weapons he can use. However, multiclassing with Thief/Fighter didn't change this weapon restriction.

AFAICT Backstabbing didn't exist in D&D Basic, and only gave double damage in D&D Master editions. In AD&D 2nd Edition, the list expanded to include any weapon a thief could use, and that list was somewhat expanded. Backstabbing changed to Sneak Attack in 3rd and later editions, which differed significantly.
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