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Default Re: Lord of the Rings Elven Racial Template

Originally Posted by NineDaysDead
I’d suggest 2 perks: Sanitised Metabolism [1], and maybe “Doesn’t Scar” [1].
I just read through the departure of the Noldor from Valinor and Manwe's (board doesn't support accented characters...) curse from the Valar says "For though Eru appointed you to die not in Ea, and no sickness may assail you, yet slain ye may weapon and by torment and by grief..." [Page 95].

It goes on to say that as long as they dwell in Middle-earth away from Valinor that they would grow weary and feel the weight of regret. This implies that it's actually a very slow affliction caused by the Valar curse... thousands of years in the making. After that time they acquire a mental disadvantage which has something to do with returning to Valinor or letting themselves die.

Given the no sickness bit and that only weapons, torment or grief can kill them, I would say they have Resistant: Very Common [Metabolic Hazards] (30 pts)... perhaps with a limitation that they have to mentally keep it on and it goes away when they start to feel depressed or start to feel that weight of regret Manwe was talking about.
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