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First, hello to everyone who right now might read my username for the first time.

I actually doubt that SAIs would need to have very human emotions. Respectively it depends why/what-for they were created. SAIs could have all kinds of feelings/drives/urges/habits which might be quiet unfamiliar to human beings.
Ex. those assimovian 3 laws of robotics might be perceived as "emotions" felt by humans by an SAI.
Most human emotions/instinctual habits wouldn't make much sense for many SAIs. They've no need get startled by loud noises respectively reflexive turn around. They might have also no need for extensive social behavior if it's not essentially for their planned task (..the creator might actually try avoid any unnecessary familiarity to transhuman culture as a mean to keep the SAI in his/her/its control..).
So while it see it perfectly possible to create SAIs that resemble humans in behavior, instincts, emotions respectively thought structure I also think it is highly unlikely that most SAIs have such humanlike mental features. Though lots of them might posses the social skills to handle/conversate with/chum up with human co-workers, users or customers.

Another interesting idea is that a SAI features several sets of emotions/sub-conscious habits for different situations. A SAI created for a broad selection of tasks/occupations might be tempered different and show other habits while it is captaining a space freighter than the time it is confined to a andromorph cybershell.
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