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Default about SAIs...

These infomorphs have rights of citizenship in many places of the world, cause they are sapient, they can think, they can reflect, they are self-concious, etc.

My question is:

How about the FEELINGS of a SAI?

How is the life of a SAI? Does he/she have passions? Passions for activities, like art, soccer, movies, rock and roll, RPG, etc.? How about falling in love? Is this possible, I mean, if hir mind works like a human´s, so can he love another person, or another SAI? Can he get easily depressive or angry like us? Are they subject to flutuations in behavior, based on daily events, like us? or are they very rational and cold hearted?

A SAI player should have to be a bit cold, and more rational? Or he should have to be just what he wants, cause SAIs are equal to humans in all aspects, including feelings?
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