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Sometimes. I played some aerial combat recently with dragons and gargoyles, and in that case yes, the dragon got a lot of use out of knocking gargoyles out of the air by pushing into them.

Against ground figures, it depends on the full situation. Often staying flying and breathing fire down from out of reach is good especially for 7+ hex dragons, and/or flying and dodging until they win initiative and can use their flying MA to get into a good position, take out the mages and archers first, etc.

Pushing can be useful but has a big disadvantage that can make it backfire if the victims have good DX, because they get a 3/DX chance to get a free hex of movement instead of falling, which in many cases would let them shift from a Front hex to a Side hex, which sucks for the larger figure. Also, even if they fall, they get another 3/DX roll to roll out from under, moving a hex and standing up, which can also suck for the larger figure. So the larger figure really needs to think about the map position and what the odds are like.
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