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Default Re: Powerstone historical names

Originally Posted by Engurrand View Post
I'm looking for traditional/mystical/theological names for what GURPS calls powerstones.

I find myself consistently needing to come up with names for things that store mana/rpm energy/fp for use in magic. Sometimes 'powerstone' is fine but I keep wondering if the idea of a powerstone is really so recent that we don't have ancient words for it?

The spiritual energy which powers magic is a concept familiar to mysticism since ancient times. It's been called jeeva, anima, spiritus, breath, chi or ki, shakti, just off the top of my head. Thaumatology is helpful here, with a variety of traditions described in various ways, but the sections on powerstones doesn't help me.

I've been scouring my brains and books of lore and failing to come up with anything at all, which makes me feel like I must be missing something obvious.

Historically the closest thing to a reservoir of magic that was actually conceived of was "relic" and that was more relevant to sanctity based magic. Even new age crystal power conceives of the crystals more as a lens than a battery.
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