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Default Re: Bolo and Slammers Hammers Inspired Scenarios?

Originally Posted by tomc View Post
David Drake wrote Hammer's Slammers. If you like Military Sci Fi it's top notch stuff.
Yes, I love Military Sci-Fi and have read and collected all of the Slammer stories. Just couldn't recall the author. I've recently come to know John Hemry (writing as Jack Campbell). He's writing the Lost Fleet, Lost Planets, and Genesis Fleet series. He also wrote Stark's Marines, which I think might translate well to Ogre. The two "Fleet" series are more in line with GMT's new Talon series.

Speaking of Talon, I wonder if there might be a willingness to consider a sort of "joint" cooperative effort to develop Talon and Ogre "cooperating" games? That is to say write variant rules so the two games can be used together rather akin to how the Confederated Fleets and the Bolos did in Laumer's books.
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