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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Originally Posted by andreww View Post
So one character consistently gets NaN? What is unique about that character? What weapon? What talent? That should be easy to fix if I knew when it happened.

I thought DX penalties *definitely* cleared, I'll look for that. It's bizarre that they would persist over an adventure reset.

It's kind of too late for unit tests. I wish I had them in mind when I made some of the design decisions.

You should be able to select a one handed weapons and a shield, in which case the shield should work. You don't need to ready it. If you are using a two handed weapon it ignores the shield, but it should work without specific readying with a one-handed weapon.

Thanks everyone!

Andrew - I found that if I have the weapon in the top position and the shield in the bottom position then it works. If the shield is in the top position then I get the H-T-H damage and not the weapon. I get an option to drop the shield and ready the weapon (in this case, short sword.). Thanks
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